Multi V-1 Morris Vom Hause Edelstein, Let me read to you what world renowed show judge Mr. Josef Hedl had to say about Morris. Mr. Hadl said the following: strong bone and good subtance, confident, attentive and friendly.  Very strong pronounced masculine breed type head, medium ears, good stop. Med brown eyes, good muzzle, very good mouth pigment. Straight front legs. good feet, very good depth and width of chest, strong athletic muscles, good front and very good rear angulation, good top line. Short croup, good healthy coat, good markings, natural trotter. Scissor bite, full dentition.  Very nice male Rottweiler.  Below are more pictures of Morris I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. O.F.A. Hips Good  Elbows Normal.
V-1 morris Vom Hause Edelstien and his son Vom Sentinels Roman
Morris has proven himself as a stud dog many times. He passes on his great conformatiom and excellent temperament. Below you will see his son Von Sentinel Roman at six weeks of age.
V - l  Morris Vom Hause Edelstein
O.F.A. Hips Good - Elbows Normal
Above you can see:
Von Sentinels Roman
son of 
 V-1 Morris Vom Hause Edelstein
Ch Celtia Vom Quercas Wald

Roman as a puppy
Von Sentinel's Roman 
pictured at 17 1/2 month of age
If you are not the lead dog -- Your view never changes
Romen @ 2 years of age
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