Siegrin Von Sentinels Heidi 
Astor Von Junipera X Xenia Von Extrem

Heidi's Sire: World famous Multi V-l Champion Astor von Junipera HD -Frei ED - Frei IPO -l ZTP 
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Von Sentinels:  Heidi Here at the 2010 North American Sieger Show where she got Best Youth Siegerin at nineteen months of age. We would like to proudly say she obtained her Siegrin title at the 2011 Nirk Western Regional Sieger show.  
V-l Xenia Von Extrem (Heidi Dam)
Heidi is in my opinion the total Rottweiler female. She has the best temperament for the show ring as well as for the training field. I've been training Rottweilers for more years than I want to remember and she is one of the best. She is very intelligent, responsive,  a joy to live with and she has a great pedigree. 
Heidi  truly does exemplify that of a true Rottweiler female , in structure and temperament, these are qualities  that are so important to the breed. 
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